In previous session I have mentioned few points which make you aware about the basic difference of the most popular game those are bingo and keno. Here I am adding few more comparisons. These points may sort out all the confusion regarding to similarities as well dissimilarities of the games.

More differences of Keno and Bingo

Drawing Numbers
Bingo numbers are drawn at unsystematic until somebody wins the game with a full game card. There is usually only one winner in a bingo game.

Well as in Keno, there is a set number of numbers are drawn that is generally 20 and from the lot of numbers obtainable. These numbers are used by everyone to see if they have chosen the right numbers for the game. This means that keno games can have many winners depending on the numbers that the players have chosen for themselves.

Game Winning
Bingo provides prizes for a complete online bingo sheet, and frequently offers prizes for the whole rows and columns of numbers on sheets as well. There can also be additional jackpots and random prizes that are given away but these vary from game to game and operator to operator.

Where as Keno has a set payout arrangement that ensures that all Keno players have the same chance to win, and the same payout’s when they do win. Keno players can wager on lots of numbers sets of numbers, combinations of sets and many additional that are to various to go into here. For a full range of the types of bets that are accessible, check with your casino for the types of bets that they offer.