The recent bingo was played initially in Italy, which was called beano at that time. No body would have ever predictable that a game which started for general leisure would become such a global rage, what we now know as bingo. From beano to bingo and afterwards to online bingo, this game has an interesting history story.

In the previous years beano was played at fairs and other local events, the caller picked out the numbered discs from a cigar box like container and the players covered the numbers with beans. From Italy, beano reached France, where it became popular by the name of Le Lotto, made its way across the continental Europe, reached America in 1920s and as a final point settled in the UK in the 1960s.

Past of Bingo from Beano to Bingo

It sustained to be known as beano in anticipation of the early 20th century when it immediately entered North America and was renamed bingo, after a player mistakenly bellowed out ‘bingo’ as a substitute of ‘beano’. In United Kingdom as well Australia, it came to be recognized as housie.

After that two men, Edwin Lowe, a toy salesman from New York and Carl Leffler, a math professor at the University of Columbia, are attributed as the beginning fathers of the latest adaptation of free bingo. They worked together to reconstruct the entire game and came up with as much as 6000 exclusive combination of cards by 1932. If it were not for their relentless hard work and innovation, beano would have vanished ages ago. According to information, over 20,000 games of bingo per week were being played around the world during 1940s.

The most permanent phase of bingo came when it in recent times went online. Nowadays, millions of players assemble to bingo online halls everyday in search of entertainment and huge wins. The cyber bingo is one of the easiest and well admired games with more bingo jackpot winners than ever, which is why internet bingo manufacturing is booming so much. In UK alone, more than half a million players play bingo daily and more and more players are being introduced to bingo everyday.