Well nowadays modern technological age, this is not quite as straightforward as it used to be. The most differentiating factor is that of where you play bingo in a land based bingo hall or over the Internet. Also, there are two major bingo games played across the world, each with their own distinct bingo rules of how to win.

How to Play Bingo in America and Europe

American Bingo (75-Ball Bingo)
In America, bingo players can enjoy 75-Ball bingo. Here the traditional bingo game uses 75 numbers, with groups of fifteen divided by the letters B, I, N, G and O. And obviously latter B is used for numbers 1-15, I for 16-30, N for 31-45, G for 46-60 and O for 61-75. The bingo cards are squared between 5 numbered spaces across and 5 down, totaling 25 spaces. The middle space is noticeable as free and automatically being daubed by all players. Each left over space on the card is randomly filled with numbers, according to the B-I-N-G-O layout.

UK/European Bingo (90-Ball Bingo)
In Europe, all bingo players enjoy a different kind of bingo pattern, which is 90 ball bingo. The basic principle of the game is the same, but the bingo card and wining patterns are completely different. Initially they are not called bingo cards, but rather bingo tickets. 90 numbers are utilized instead of 75. The card consists of three rows of numbers in 9 columns. There are 5 numbers in each row, with the remaining spaces left blank. That makes a total of 15 numbers places in 27 spaces. The first column can hold numbers between 1-9 second column 10-19, and so on, until the final column which can hold numbers 80-90.