Bingo is the game which is played in many family occasions as well charity events. The occasions like baby shower, bridal shower, church events are the main spots of such occasional bingo game.

Bridal Shower Bingo

In so many countries the bridal shower is traditional game, which is ordinary at of course bridal showers. It’s an admired way to have fun at bridal showers in the UK and to a lesser extent North America. You print out a number of dissimilar number variations on the bingo cards. Usually a good game will have roughly 15 or more tickets printed.

One can obtain bridal shower bingo game cards for printing on the net and use your printer to make the cards. Instead of numbers, bridal shower bingo uses words. Staying in the theme of the shower, bridal bingo cards have words on them that have to do with love, weddings, babies, gifts, jokes, etc. Even though you can always automate it to a degree, the traditional bridal shower bingo has the host pulling words out of a hat and acting as the caller.

Whoever can make a one line either up and down, side to side, or diagonally, and yells ‘bingo’ the winner of the game. Bridal shower bingo cards contain the average free space in the middle of the card too. Some dollar stores will sell cut up bingo cards that you can use for bridal bingo, or you can make your own by hand or on the computer. A lot of times the bingo tickets are decorated with the theme of love, babies, marriage etc.