A carnival pitchman touring Germany has the credit of preliminary the spread of this game throughout America and the world. Although he introduced few changes, it was equally popular in the tent games. However, Lotto started on its journey as ‘Beano’ and thereafter into bingo. In 1929, Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesperson had started his plaything business recently. Though, his business scenario looked bleak suitable to a very huge market crash. While driving along to Jacksonville in Georgia, Lowe acquired time off to stop at a nation state carnival. A single carnival booth was open and very crowded. A variation of the game of Lotto, Beano was on at the booth.

Beano Leading to Bingo

Lowe became aware of a table covered with beans and numbered cards. A pitchman pulled a wooden disk and called the respective number. Players positioned a bean covering the corresponding number, if present on their cards. If they accomplished a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line, they had to shout Beano. Thereafter, they received a doll as the prize.

The game which named bingo afterwards was so popular that Lowe could not locate any vacant seats. Besides, the players were addicted to the game too. This made Lowe think about the viability of the option of introducing the game in the United States.

After his return to his place, Lowe organized a game session for some of his friends at his apartment. All players were excited while playing the game. When one of the players was close to winning and as soon as the final number called was corresponding to her number, she shouted bingo instead of beano in her excitement. That very moment Lowe decided to name his game bingo.