Bingo is an extremely popular game amongst the young and old comparable. However, very few people have any thought of the derivation or evolution of the game. The origin of the game of bingo dates from the center of the sixteenth century. Around the same time, unification of Italy also took place in 1530. Soon after unification, Italy introduced a weekly National Lottery system- Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, held every Saturday. Even today, this lottery system is a major contributor to Italy’s economy. Annual contributions amount to more than seventy five million dollars.

Success of Bingo Game after Origin

The achievement game thereafter never had an end for Lowe. Incalculable people started approaching Lowe for helping them develop their individual bingo games with several variations. Books and newsletters published information and all aspects of the game. Prizes and stakes increased. Many new patterns and combinations came in to the humble game of bingo. Soon bingo had an equal place and status in American society, at par with other popular sports, games, and other avenues of entertainment and relaxation.

There were approximately 10,000 weekly bingo games in 1934. Yet these days, people spend more than $90 million dollars on plying bingo each week in America only. Then you can think of the earnings from the game in other countries across the world. Even today, many variations of bingo are in use as teaching aids for children in subjects like biology and history. Besides, different variations of the game characters like Milton Bradley and Sesame Street make it an interesting way of teaching numbers and counting to children.