*The branding on many of the sites has a deliberately created American feel. You will regularly see pictures of the Empire States Building, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Although the sites do not have American addresses.

More Significant Points for American Bingo Players
More Significant Points for American Bingo Players

*They may offer UK style 90-ball bingo games, but also the American 75-ball game. Most online bingo is the 75-ball version, using 5×5 cards, and this is the game traditionally played in the US. The 90-ball version has 90 balls and the cards have only 15 numbers. The majority of online bingo sites are able to offer both the 75-ball and 90-ball games, depending on what type of gaming software they run on.

*If you are fortunate, the customer support service will also be in the US. Even though, this is not frequently the case and many only have an email address – so their service employees might be anywhere.

*The site’s owners may be a US company. The owners are dependable for the product and marketing of their bingo site. They are quite rarely directly involved in running the actual bingo games. The operator does this trade, and they could be situated anywhere in the world. Indeed, we have only been able to find one site that in reality operates its bingo games within the US.

Of all these factors, the simply ones you will be confident to find are the first two marketing that says they are a US bingo hall and so attracts US players as well the fact that dollars are used on the site. All the other points are much hit and miss, so if any of them are particularly important to you as a player you will need to check out the bingo hall to make sure you are actually going to get these benefits.